With the Baby Formula Shortage Continuing, help Comes From Many Areas

On June 9 and June 11, 380,000 pounds of baby formula will be dropped off in Pennsylvania and California. This is to help increase the supply across the country as retailers across the US are continuing to report shortages and parents are still saying that they are having a hard time finding a formula for their baby.

According to the White House, this latest supply of formula is coming from an Australian company known as Bubs. The FDA said last week that Bubs’ products fulfilled all of the necessary safety standards here in the US. Bubs also said that they will be sending enough powder to produce 27.5 million 8-ounce bottles of formula. In this effort, Bubs has made improvements to several of its products. These include Stage 1 and 2 organic infant formula, Supreme Infant and Supreme Follow Formula, and Stage 1 and Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula.

Help is also coming from United Airlines, who announced that they will be donating flights to help bring baby formula here to the US. The formula that United will be carrying comes from a company in the UK known as Kendal Nurtal Care. United stated that they will begin their efforts to bring more than 300,000 pounds of Kendal Meal to the US on June 9.

Meanwhile, efforts have continued between the FDA and Abbott Nutrition to get their plant up and running once again. The two have been working out a deal over the previous few weeks, and it appears that all of the conditions of that deal have been met. Abbott said that they should be starting up production once again by this weekend.



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