What Vaccine Mandate is Paused?

Ever since the injunction on the OSHA vaccination mandate there have been lots of questions about how it will affect you.

There are three different federal COVID-19 vaccine orders that impact three separate groups of workers in this country and it may impact your employment.

The first order is the OSHA emergency temporary standard that has been widely talked about and criticized about. The second mandate is the executive order President Biden signed on September 9th for federal workers and contractors. Finally, the CMS mandates healthcare workers who work in facilities that get money from Medicare and Medicaid.

All three of the mandates are completely separate and independent of each other and all three also may include an exemption for religious or medical reasons however those may not be granted by your employer.

The only one that is on pause is the OSHA emergency temporary standard that says companies with more than 100 employees must be fully vaccinated or submit to regular testing by January 4th. This is the only mandate that is making its way through the appellate court system currently.

You can read more about that here.

The status of the OSHA emergency temporary standard court case has nothing to do with the other two mandates.

The second mandate President Biden signed on September 9th. The executive order says all federal workers and contractors must be vaccinated against COVID-19 with no testing option. Federal workers currently have until November 22nd to be fully vaccinated and contractors have until January 4th to be vaccinated.

The federal government’s workers union is currently asking the president to push back the deadline for federal employees to January 4th so it matches the contractors date. The White House has not responded to the workers union request yet.

The last one is the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services vaccine mandate more commonly known as the CMS vaccination mandate. This mandate impacts about 17 million workers and says all eligible staff at healthcare facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs must be fully vaccinated by January 4th with no testing option.

If the OSHA rule gets permanently put on hold that has no impact on the other two mandates.

Here is a chart to help breakdown the vaccine mandate easier:



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