What is in the two voting rights bills?

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1 min readJan 14, 2022


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The buzz lately on Capitol Hill has been the need to pass voting right reform according to the Democrats. You probably have heard these bills floating around one being the Freedom To Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Act. These bills are totally different and have different components.

Starting with the Freedom To Vote Act includes things like:

  • Allows same day and automatic voter registration
  • Expanding voting by mail
  • Establishes standard 15 day early voting period
  • Restores voting rights to the previously incarcerated
  • Presents partisan gerrymandering
  • Protects against voter intimidation

Then the John Lewis Voting Act includes:

  • Restores federal government oversight of state election laws
  • Prevents discrimination against minority voters
  • Creates pathway to challenge new voter laws in courts
  • Require public notice for changes made to voting laws

Just a reminder both of these bills have passed the House but they are still just a proposal and even though it passed in the House in 2021 does not mean it will not change again. If changes are made it will need to go back to the House for a vote.



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