U.S. Citizens can now select gender X on U.S passports

Starting this week female and male will not be the only gender markers you can select on your United States passports.

All U.S. citizens will be able to select F for female and M for male but also X for unspecified or another gender identity on their United States passport. The State Department says the gender you select does not need to match the gender that is on your birth certificate, previous passport, or state ID Starting this week United States government will no longer require medical documentation to make the change either.

U.S. citizens can now select X if they are applying for a U.S. passport book and selecting routine service. By late 2023 you will be able to select X as your gender marker if you need a passport card or expedited service or emergency passport.

President Biden says this is part of the administration’s way to promote the dignity and equality of all people including the LGBTQ+ community.

The Biden Administration is also working to update TSAs body scanners with more accurate technology and updating TSAs standard procedure to remove gender considerations. The administration is also working to update TSAs precheck and trusted traveler program to include X identifiers.



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