Two New Airlines Coming Out Of The Pandemic

If you were one of the 37 million people expected to travel this weekend, you may have noticed that there are two new airlines hitting the market. This is a drastic change to what Bowing thought at the beginning of the pandemic. At that time, Bowing said that due to a 370 billion dollar drop in the market, it would cause one airline to close for good.

The two new airlines that have opened their doors are Avelo and Breeze. The two companies are focused on budget friendly flights available to the everyday traveler. You get flights with Avelo for as low as 39 dollars per flight and Breeze for as low as 19 dollars per flight.

Avelo has a hub in Burbank California currently able to fly to 11 different airports in the western part of the US. The CEO Andrew Levy says that it gives consumers more options than using LAX. Levy says it allows the consumer to pick a smaller airport at a lower cost to fly there. Avelo is expanding their company and they are opening a new hub in Connecticut.

Breeze Airways is currently serving the North East with 95% of their flights being direct flights. The company’s very first flight was on May 29, from Florida to South Carolina. This is CEO David Neeleman’s fifth airline he has opened in his career, the entrepreneur opened JetBlue Airways and Morris Air in the US, WestJet in Canada, and Azul Brazilian Airlines in Brazil, as well as an airline in Portugal.

Airline analysts say that they are cautious of the two new airlines’ success, since there is growing tension in the industry and the last new airline company Virgin Americas went bankrupt back in 2018. These traveling weekends ahead are sure to help but it is unclear if they will be able to compete with the market.



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