Supreme Court Is Hearing Arguments For The Texas Abortion Law

The controversial abortion law passed in Texas has been allowed to stand for the time-being, after a Supreme Court ruling on Friday the 22nd.

This ruling came in a 7-page order, which also stated that the Supreme Court would be expediting a hearing which will examine the legality of the law. This hearing will happen soon, with the court set to hear oral arguments on November 1.

Now there is one interesting element about this hearing, which is the fact that the Supreme Court won’t necessarily be determining whether or not the substance of the bill is legal. Instead, they will be trying to answer a couple different questions.

The first question they will be looking at is whether or not the mechanism used by Texas that allows anyone to civilly sue others over Constitutionally-protected rights is legal. The other question surrounds whether or not the Department of Justice has the right to sue or to block the state law.

It should be noted that while this case is moving through the Supreme Court, the law will remain in effect, and there is no timeline for when a decision could be made. Again, these proceedings will begin on November 1, and the Supreme Court is also hearing another case regarding abortion from Mississippi starting on December 1.



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