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2 min readFeb 2, 2023
Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon delivered his annual state of the state address. During this time it is a yearly tradition for the governor to lay out for the legislators what they would like to see accomplished for the upcoming legislative state session.

Governor Gordon spent some time in his speech thanking state veterans, first responders, and, teachers.

Mental Health

The first issue he addressed was mental health in the state of Wyoming. He wants to form a task force to help people that are in crisis and even before they are even in a crisis. He discusses depression from isolation or drugs that are running throughout the state. He made a point to mention that it is just as important to be there before a crisis as it is to be there during a crisis.

Missing Person

Governor Gordon introduced a new bill that would be called the Shanty Alert acting similar to an Amber Alert where when a missing person is reported missing there are push notifications sent out to all phones. Amber Alerts are for children Shanty Alerts would be for missing adults. In this effort, he hopes it will cut down on human trafficking within tribes in Wyoming.

Wyoming has been feuding with tribal communities for a long time according to the Governor. In an effort to end these feuds over lands, he wants to pass a bill to allow him to settle the land fights along with helping them with missing persons within their communities.


Governor Mark Gordon also asked for the state’s legislators to find ways to help people battling with inflation through tax cuts. He also asked the legislators to continue the property tax rebate for another year because it helped so many Wyoming residents.


Governor Mark Gordon also thanked the legislators for working with the federal government to update roads bridges and water infrastructure. He encourages the state to continue water projects while creating great-paying jobs in the state.

He finished his remarks by telling the state of Wyoming is honored to serve them and that they have a balanced budget by the state government staying out of the people’s way.



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