President Biden sending 500 million COVID-19 rapid tests to Americans

President Biden has a winter plan to tackle the increasing number of COVID-19 cases we are seeing across the country. The President said earlier this week “we should all be concerned but not panicked.” In the announcements he made he did not announce any kind of lockdowns. In the announcements he said his administration will be doing several things.

One of the things his administration is doing will be purchasing 500 million at home rapid COVID-19 tests to send to American households for free starting in January. The President said you will be able request those tests by using a new website. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did say they are still working out the final details of how this works.

The Biden Administration is establishing new testing sites across the country including in New York where we have been seeing extremely long lines for tests.

President Biden is deploying 1,000 military doctors, medics and nurses in January and February across the country to help exhausted hospital staff.

Plus immediately sent additional 100 medical personnel to Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Vermont. These 100 additional medical professionals is on top of the 300 who were already sent out earlier this month.

FEMA will also be helping hospital staff and control capacity by adding more beds to treat COVID-19 patients. FEMA will also set up new pop up vaccinated and booster clinics in high demand areas.

The president said he will continue to utilize the defense production act to produce more COVID tests and supplies.



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