NDAA Passes House With Huge Bipartisan Support

A bill just passed the House this week with huge bipartisan support to spend over 700 billion dollars. The vote was 363–70. If you are wondering what they could agree too in that kind of numbers that would be the national defense.

Tuesday night The House voted overwhelmingly to pass the NDAA also known as the national defense authorization act. The version that passed was definitely a compromise from an earlier version of the law.

If you don’t know what the NDAA is, a bill that must be passed every single year and sets the budget and policy for our defense department The bill that passed The House authorizes 768 billion dollars for our national defense in 2022 this includes spending for our military. 768 billion is actually 25 billion dollars more than President Biden had requested.

This bill includes lots of items but the most important ones are a2.7% pay increase for service members, addressing the issue of military hunger of requiring the pentagon to create basic needs for our service members. More than 7 billion dollars is going to the pacific deterrence initiative that program is meant to beef up the United States posture in that region and deter china

Also make several significant changes to the uniform code of conduct one of the most significant issues this bill takes the decision to prosecute crimes of sexual assault and other series crimes away from the chain of command at least initially. Instead the decision to prosecute is given to an independent military investigator in the office of the special trial council for each service.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers and other advocates say this bill does not go far enough addressing the sexual harassment issue in the United States military.

This NDAA also authorizes the Pentagon to study and conduct field investigations into UFOs.

This bill now goes to the Senate and it is unclear if and when they will take up this vote or it will even be passed.



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