Mark Meadow is being held in contempt of Congress

Former President Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is being held in contempt of congress for refusing to cooperate. This is coming as people in the Trump White House were aware in advance that those days events of January 6th could turn violent.

This contempt referral is now in the hands of the Justice Department making Mark Meadows the first former White House Chief of Staff to face potential criminal charges since the Watergate era.

In the chambers where Mark Meadows once served the house sought criminal contempt charges against Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

The nearly party line vote comes after the January 6th Select Committee revealed new text messages from unnamed Republican lawmakers, where they discussed potential ways to overturn the results of the election.

One text message read “Here is an aggressive strategy why can’t the states of Georgia NC and PA and other republican controlled states declare this is BS where conflicts and election not called that night and just send their own electors to vote and have it go to the SCOTUS”

Committee Vice Chair liz Cheney took it a step further suggesting the Former President may have illegally obstructed an official proceeding of congress which is a felony.

“Did Donald Trump through action or inaction corruptly seek to instruct or impede Congress’s official preceding to count electoral votes” said Liz Cheney on the House Committee.

Liz Cheney also read text messages that were sent to Mark Meadows the day of the attack from prominent Fox News hosts:

“The President needs to tell people at the Capitol to go home. this s hurting all of us he is destroying his legacy” Laura Ingraham texted Mark Meadows

Brian Kilmeade Mark Meadows “ please get him on TV they are destroying everything you have accomplished.”

“Can he make a statement asking people to leave the Capitol?” Sean Hannity texted.

Former President Trump’s Son Don Jr also texted Mark Meadows and said “he’s got to condemn this shit ASAP the Capitol Police tweet is not enough.” Don Jr sent another text message later saying “we need an Oval Office address he needs to lead now it has gone too far.”

Mark Meadows claims he offered the text messages and thousands of documents in good faith but couldn’t testify about it because of executive privilege.

The former White House Chief of Staff is the third Trump official associate facing a contempt citation by the select committee. Even though about 300 witnesses have cooperated with the Committee so far.

John Eastman, who advised Former President on ways to overturn the election, is suing the January 6th Select Committee and Verizon to block the release of his cell phone records.



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