Guy Refitt is convicted in first January 6 trial

Guy Refitt of Texas never made it into the United States Capitol on January 6th but armed with a semi-automatic handgun and zip ties he did confront police and waved the mob into the Capitol.

After the attack, Refitt was boasting about how proud he was to take part in the attack. Now he is facing decades in prison Refitt was convicted on all five counts earlier this week.

Guy Refitt is being charged with bringing a gun to the Capitol, obstructing congresses certification of the election, and interfering with police.

This landmark decision gives the Justice Department more leverage over the 500 defendants still facing a prosecution according to legal experts. Legal experts are also saying that it might allow the Justice Department to get more plea deals instead of going to trial.

Guy’s own son testified against him in his testimony he said he tipped off the FBI because he was scared of his father’s often rants about the government. After the attack Guy threatened to kill his son and daughter if either one of them tipped him off to the FBI.

Their Mother and Guy’s wife tell people not to take a plea; she claims they only did a high sentence to prove a point.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Proud Boys was arrested on Tuesday and appeared in a Miami court for conspiracy for his efforts in planning the attack.

Guy Refitt is expected to appeal, Refitt is currently facing up to 60 years in prison.



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