Governor Sisolak Delivers State Of The State Address

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3 min readMar 30, 2022


Nevada Governor Sisolak

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak delivered his State of the State address not in a joint session because they were in recess when he delivered it. Governor Sisolak decided to deliver the address at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada. He said he chose to deliver it there because the stadium was built during the pandemic due to the teamwork and the thousands of jobs it created. Governor Sisolak used the idea of teamwork throughout his speech.

In the roughly 21 minute State of the State, he addressed inflation, childcare, public schools, healthcare, crime among other things.


Starting out the speech Governor Sisolak addressed the pain at the pumps and grocery store. Governor Sisolak said he can not control inflation at the national level but continued his commitment to not raise taxes on anyone living in the state of Nevada. Governor Sisolak added that he has not raised taxes on Nevada residences once since taking office.


Governor Sisolak also addressed childcare in his state of the state address. Governor Sisolak said every parent and guardian deserves to go to work and not have to worry about their child’s safety at daycare. Governor Sisolak discussed how the state of Nevada has already helped millions of families get financial support paying for childcare from their original investment of 200 million dollars. The Governor is now asking for another 160 million dollars to continue the support for families and continuing to offer cheaper childcare.

Public Schools

When addressing the challenges in the classroom Governor Sisolak thanked all teachers and support staff that worked so hard during the pandemic to support children and not allow them to get behind in there education. After thanking all educators he announced for a second year in a row he is asking for the states Senate and Assembly to give teachers a pay raise.

Governor Sisolak also announced that he is so dedicated to supporting students and the teachers of Nevada he was donating his full 300,000 dollar salary to the state’s public school system.

Governor Sisolak also announced he wants all public school students to receive free lunches for this academic school year. The Governor also announced he was going to form a task force to find ways to support staff and students through mental health crises.


Governor Sisolak also addressed the healthcare sector and ways his administration is working to lower drug costs for people that need insulin and cancer treatments.

Governor Sisolak announced the state of Nevada was joining the Northwest Prescription Alliance along with Oregon and Washington state. This alliance allows them to negotiate drug prices and lower the prices for people in the Northwest.

Governor Sisolak also taunted the legislation he got passed in Nevada, the first in national law prohibiting surprise medical bills.

Finally Governor Sisolak announced he will be forming a task force to look at the healthcare sector and look at what they have learned and how they can strengthen the healthcare sector for future emergencies.


Governor Sisolak opened his remarks on the housing emergency saying that over the past decade 400,000 people moved into the state of Nevada.

Governor Sisolak discussed how under his administration they have built over 300,000 affordable housing in the past two years and wants to continue building more. Governor Sisolak is asking for 500 million dollars to continue building affordable housing and give senior citizens money to make their homes accessible so they can continue to live in their home.

Nevada Governor Sisolak is up for election this year and running. Nevada residents are heading to the polls on June 14th for the state’s primaries.



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