Governor Lamont Gives State of the State


Governor Lamont began his discussion of the future by focusing on the effort to fill all of the jobs that have recently been created throughout Connecticut. In his budget he included an increase in the investment for workforce development that is ten times the amount ever seen in that area before. Lamont says that this investment puts a hyper focus on trade schools, apprentice programs, and tuition-free certificate programs, giving students the ability to have all of the credentials for a good paying job in a very short period of time. His goal is to have this investment train more than 10,000 students and job seekers this year alone. The Governor also announced the expansion of a tax credit for small businesses. Businesses would be eligible for this tax credit if they help their employees pay for their student loans. This expansion looks to encourage businesses to hire from within Connecticut and for graduates to stay in the state.


Lamont opened his discussion on infrastructure by recognizing the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed at the federal level in 2021, saying that over $1 billion would be pumped into the state’s infrastructure each year. He then spoke of the new central transportation hub for Connecticut, which will be located at Union Station in New Haven. Lamont said that this station will have express trains that cut the round-trip to New York by approximately an hour. He also touched on the building of hundreds of apartments, thanks to promises of two-way rail transport between Bridgeport and Waterbury.


Governor Lamont’s remarks on healthcare were brief, but provided a few key points. First, he spoke of the program just recently passed in the state to support paid medical and family leave for employees throughout the state. He also spoke of the Covered Connecticut program, which was passed last year and has helped 4,000 residents with no-cost healthcare through Access health. This is a program he hopes to continue moving forward. Lamont also touched on the importance of lowering costs on prescription drugs in the state. He proposed legislation that would help to safely import lower-cost prescription drugs, put a cap on prescription drugs with “run away prices”, and to make the cost of prescription drugs more transparent. He closed his remarks on healthcare by expressing his hopes on doubling the budget for hazard pay to $40 million as a way to support frontline workers.


Governor Lamont’s final major area of focus was crime. He spoke of the rising rates of things like hate crime, shootings, and illegal weapons on the streets. His budget called for the creation of a special illegal gun unit, which would work with neighboring states to help track down major illegal gun traffickers. He also spoke of the attempts happening right now to allow for more than 400 new officers to be trained and hired throughout the ten largest cities and towns in the state. Lamont also asked the legislature to get voting done quickly for the nominees he has selected to become judges in the state. He also asked them to support funding for new prosecutors and public defenders.



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