Governor Evers Gives State of the State Address


Governor Evers made it very clear that more needs to be done to help the people of Wisconsin through the current struggles of inflation work barriers. He started by announcing his plan to give every Wisconsin resident $150 from the state’s surplus to help make ends meet. He went on to say that if there was a family of at least four, then they would qualify for $600 from that surplus to give them a bit more wiggle room. As far as barriers are concerned, Governor Evers focused mainly on tackling childcare and caregivers. He wants to invest $130 million into the Childcare and Caregivers tax credits. With this investment, he says that the childcare tax credit would provide about 107,000 people with an average of $274, and the caregiver’s tax credit would provide about $500 to those that qualify. Governor Evers also stated that even with all of this investment, there will still be $2 billion sitting in the state’s surplus.


Governor Evers voiced the importance of supporting the state’s medical providers and helping them improve so that they can provide the best care possible to the residents of Wisconsin. This support includes a $30 million investment in the governor’s budget to support emergency medical service providers and services across the state. Evers stated that $20 million of this investment would be given to rural providers so that they can acquire the equipment and personnel needed to operate successfully and reliably. He also promised that there would be reimbursement assistance for these providers to help ensure that they do not have to cut back on critical services.


Governor Evers’ discussion about education began with a proposal for a 750-million-dollar investment to help improve the state’s schools and to improve the outcome for students. His ultimate goal is to make sure that the state’s schools are fully funded. Part of this investment includes $100 million towards holding the line on property taxes across the state. Beyond that, he proposed a 25-million-dollar investment to accomplish a tuition freeze through the end of this year.



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