Govenor Cuomo Accused By Two More Women

Govenor Andrew Cuomo went from the pandemic response person everyone looked to everyday for the daily briefings, and now hes talked about for sexual harassment allegations and not reporting nursing home deaths properly.

The Govenor of New York has had five women come forward with sexual harassment allegations. The newest two women to come forward are Karen Hinton and Ana Liss.

Karen Hinton is a former press Secretary to the Governor. She told the Washington Post that in 2000 she was invited into his dimmly lit hotel room after an event in Los Angeles. She tried to leave when the Governor proceeded to pull her towards him.

Ana Liss is another former aide to the Governor who said in 2014, the Governor kissed and hugged her and grabbed her waist.

The current spokesperson for Governor Cuomo said Saturday that the Hinton incident never happened and that the Governor has been photographed for the last 14 years kissing men and women.

On Friday, the New York legislation passed a bill stripping Cuomo of his pandemic emergency response powers. Governor Cuomo has hinted at the fact he will sign the bill.

This comes after the New York attorney general said the Cuomo administration under-cut the Covid deaths in nursing homes by 50%. The Cuomo Administration continues to say they haven’t covered up any nursing home deaths but did admit last month they could have done a better job. They said, “ we should have done a better job of providing as much information as we could as quickly as we could.”

Cuomo at a press conference Wednesday apologized “for whatever pain I caused,” saying, “I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable.” He said he would not be resigning and urges his fellow Democratic lawmakers to wait for the investigation to be over before they made a decision.

On Sunday evening, the Senate majority leader In the New York State Senate Andrea Stewart-Cousins urged her fellow Democrat leader to resign, as all these allegations are causing distraction from the day to day operation with all the important issues going on, like the state budget and the current pandemic situation.

Governor Cuomo said he would not resign. He was elected by the people and the people don’t want him to resign. In a recent poll, 55% of New Yorkers believe the Governor should not resign, while 40% believe he should. On the other hand, 59% of the people polled believe that he should finish his term but not run for re-election.



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