Former President Trump Sues Niece Mary Trump

Former President Trump filed a lawsuit in New York State court Tuesday against niece Mary Trump and three New York Times Reporters Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russ Buettner are named as defendants.

The court filings allege that they have cost damages to be determined in trial that is no less than 100 million dollars. The court filings alege Mary Trump illegally disclosed Trump tax information from a contract the Trump family agreed to in 2001.

The lawsuit alleges. It claims that the Times journalists “unjustly reaped significant personal, professional and/or business-related benefit(s), including, but not limited to, monetary gain, fame, acclaim, notoriety, inflated market valuation, increased revenue, and/or career advancement.”

Shortly after the court filings were obtained by the Daily Mail Mary TTrump released a statement saying part. “I think he is a loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can. It’s desperation. The walls are closing in and he is throwing anything against the wall that he thinks will stick. As is always the case with Donald, he’ll try and change the subject.”

Mary Trump has been a frequent critic of the former President she even released a book in 2020 called “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” Former Presidents younger brother Robert Trump actively tried to block the book from being released saying it was a breach of contract within the Trump Family.

On the first day of her book release it sold nearly 1.4 million copies. The publisher said the book was ranked №1 in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States, and №2 in Australia. Mary Trump sold more copies of her book than the Former President did with his book “The Art Of The Deal”.

A spokesperson for the New York Times said in a statement “coverage of Donald Trump’s taxes helped inform citizens through meticulous reporting on a subject of overriding public interest. This lawsuit is an attempt to silence independent news organizations and we plan to vigorously defend against it.”

When the three year old investigation came out that won the three Journalists Pulitzer prizes. The Former president dismissed the report as a “very old, boring and often told hit piece,” though he did not directly dispute any of its findings. Trump’s lawyer Charles Harder said at the time that “The New York Times’ allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100 percent false, and highly defamatory,” according to the paper.



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