Department Of Justice Asks The OSHA Mandate To Be Put Back In Place

The Department of Justice has officially asked the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to allow the OSHA vaccine testing mandate to continue while all the lawsuits continue to play out in the courts.

The Department of Justice on behalf of the Labor Department and OSHA filed a 55 page motion last week asking the Appellate Judges to lift the stay put in place by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before the multi circuit lottery was held a few weeks ago in last week’s filing the federal government argued the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals got a lot of things wrong. They continue to argue if the 5th Circuit further delays the emergency temporary standard it would likely cost many lives per day and large numbers of hospitalizations and other serious health effects.

The OSHA’s emergency temporary standards would require all workers at United States companies with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated or tested weekly by January 4th.

The government goes on to argue even if this 6th Circuit decides not to lift the stay and lift the pause while this all plays out in the courts. They believe Judges should at least modify the 5th Circuit ruling to allow the government to impose requirements that unvaccinated workers wear a mask and be tested weekly. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Judges have not ruled on this filing just yet or set a date for when they will hear the case.

Dozens of states, unions and companies have all filed lawsuits to put a stop to this OSHA rule; they argue the mandate violates the first amendment and goes above OSHAs authority.

All these cases are being transferred into the 6th circuit court of appeals and that court will ultimately rule on all the cases.



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