Arizona Governor Doug Ducey says he won’t run for U.S. Senate

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has closed the door on a potential US Senate seat campaign. This comes after many National Republicans were pressuring him to unseat current Senator Mark Kelly.

“These days, if you’re going to run for public office, you have to really want the job,” Ducey said in an email to donors explaining his decision. “Right now I have the job I want, and my intention is to close my years of service to Arizona with a very productive final legislative session AND to help elect Republican governors across the country in my role as chairman of the Republican Governors Association.”

Governor Ducey joins a list of Republicans that have said they would not run for Senate. Earlier in the year New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland. Similar to his gubernatorial colleagues, Ducey said he views himself as an executive rather than a legislator.

As Governor Ducey continues his job to help elect Republicans governors, Ducey said he remains committed to flipping Arizona’s Senate seat as well.

“We have a strong field of candidates in Arizona and I will be actively supporting our nominee — and perhaps weighing in before the primary,” Ducey said.

Ducey said he and his wife will decide what comes next after the midterm elections.



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