Alabama Governor gives State of the State address

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3 min readJan 12, 2022
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey laid out a plan for Alabama for what she is calling “a bold vision for the future of Alabama.” Giving her annual State of the State address Tuesday evening.

In open remarks for her speech Governor Ivey said “I am a firm believer that for Alabama there is no mountain too steep to climb and no dream that is unattainable,” the governor explained. “Over the last four years, we have proved that to be the gospel truth by coming together to solve some of the state’s toughest challenges.”

In her speech she touched on some familiar topics for the state such as the state’s economy, prison issues in the state, and the continued growth of addressing the state’s infrastructure. Governor Ivey also touched on her budget plans for wanting to increase teachers and state workers’ salaries.


The first topic Governor Ivey addressed was the state’s prison issue “I promised to address the issues facing our corrections system once and for all,” the governor stated, “and I have said that to make progress, we must first replace our costly and crumbling facilities.” The Governors initial plan was to lease private jails in order to address the issues but that plan fell through when the plan received push back and they didn’t have the billions of dollars needed to back the plan.


The next area the Governor addressed was infrastructure; she addressed roads and ports as the main area of infrastructure. From the beginning of her term in office she said she wanted to have the best roads in the nation but she admitted in her address the project is “far from over.”

Governor Ivey gave credit to the “Rebuilt Alabama Act” that passed that has allowed the state to start rebuilding roads all across the state and making four way highways where the capacity of travel has increased.

Yearly Budget Proposal

Governor Ivey is urging lacemakers as the new season gets underway to allocate money to make broadband, water and sewer upgrades statewide. Ivey is also asking for the legislators to make improvements in hospitals and nursing homes.

Governor Ivey is also asking for statewide retired workers a bonus along with a 4% increase raise for state workers and teachers statewide.


Governor Ivey also addressed education in her address saying “Despite the fact Alabama led other states in getting kids back in the classroom, last year during this occasion, I called on our local school districts to work with community partners to close the learning gap. That is why tonight, I am proud to propose funding for afterschool programs I know will go a long way in getting our students on track for success.”

Governor Ivey has also noted they need to collect careful data to begin implementing the “Alabama Literacy Act” that passed earlier in her term. The Governor also announced that she would support a task force to recruit more teachers and support students on getting caught up to their grade level.

Mental Health

Governor Ivey says she understands a partnership between the Police Department and mental health groups is needed to create a first in the nation alliance. “I am proud that my Administration, with the support of the Legislature, is doing more to make significant improvements in mental health care than any since Governor Lurleen Wallace in the 1960s,” the governor explained before proposing a $12 million investment for two more mental health crisis centers in the state.

Governor Kay Ivey’s term is ending in 2022 but she has announced she will be running for re-election this year. Alabama residents will go to the polls on May 24th for primaries.



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