6th Circuit Court Of Appeals Will Hear OSHA Vaccine Mandate Cases

Wednesday we learned that the Appeals Court will hear the consolidated cases over OSHAs controversial rule that requires workers at companies in the United States with more than 100 employees to either get vaccinated or tested weekly.

Which court is going to be hearing the case as a result of the multi-circuit?

To Read what is a multi-circuit lottery and how it works is available here.

Just a reminder the legal fate of this OSHA rule does not apply to the CMS vaccine mandate nor does it apply to the federal worker or contractor vaccine mandate. Even if this OSHA rule is shut down does not mean your employer can’t put a vaccine mandate into place as a term of unemployment unless your state says otherwise.

The appeal court that will hear all these cases is the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals located in Ohio. This panel usually hears federal cases from Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Who are the Judges that are in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals?

The Judges currently serving in the 6th circuit were appointed by several different presidents including President George W Bush, President Clinton, President Reagan, President Carter, President Trump, President Obama and President George H.W. Bush.

When will the hearings begin?

A date for when the cases are being heard has not been set yet.

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